Profile of Zhangjiajie

      Zhangjiajie City is located in the north-west of Hunan Province, take up 9,563 square kilometers,possesses of 1.54milliom of population in shich 72% people are minorities such as Tujia Nationality,Bai Nationality,Miao Nationality,etc.

      Zhangjiajie City is blessed with abundant tourism resources including unique quartz sand hoodoos physiognomy,intact pristine forest ecological environment and complete tourist facilities,so she has been awarded Key Landscape Showplace,Class 4A Scenic Spot as well as Excellent Tourist City in China.

      Wulingyuan Landscape Showplace,an area under Zhangjiajie's jurisdiction,includes 3 large scenic spots of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park,Suoxiyu Nature Reserve,and Tianzi Moutain Nature Reserve,which take up 264 square kilometers to encompass towering marvelous peaks,lofty and steep rocks in thousands.She combines peaks,forests,caves,lakes,and falls and gathers wonder,elegance,serenity,wildness and steepness,so she was listed as “Number 1 miracle mountain in the world "and "Original manuscript of Chinese landscape painting". In 1992 ,UNESCO recorded Wulingyuan Landscape Showplace in the "List of world natural heritage" of "World heritage".In 2000 ,Wulingyuan Landscape Showplace and Huanglong Cave were listed as Class 4A Scenic Spot in China,and Zhangjiajie National Forest Park was designated as national geological park.

      Within the boarders of Zhangjiajie City ,there are solution caves densely covered,and among them Huanglong Cave and Jiution Cave are listed as the most spectacular caves.In addition,a number of places of historical interest and scenic beauty,such as Puguang Temple,Wulei Mountain,and Yuhuangdong Rock Cave,as well as former residence of historical celebrities such as Marshal Helong ,South-North Knight-errant Du Xinwu,have become rather fascinating human tourist resources,Moreover,the local simple and unsophisticated conditions and customs of minority nationality as well as Zhangjiajie Hard Breathing Exercise that has shocked the world,were talked about by the tourists from both at home and abroad with great relish.The hot-hearted and hospitable Zhangjiajie people welcome people from all circles of life in the world to enjoy the treasures endowed to the human being by the Grand Nature.

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