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Strong Local Folklore
  The Tujias
  The Bais
  The Miaos
  The Hand-Waving Dance of the Tujias
  Mao Gu Si Dance
  She Ba Festuval
  April 8
  June 6
  The Tujia Girls Sobbing Out While Marrying
  Beat Liuzi
  Tima Magic Song
  Babao Bronze Bell Dance
  Diaojiaolou of the Tujia
  The Welcome Dragon Dance of the Miaos
  The Miaos'Dress
  The Autumn Market Day
  The Colorful Ribbon of the Miaos
  Singing in Antiphonal Style
  Paint"Ba Qu"
  Asking for Songs
  The Zhang Drum Dance of the Bais
  Offer Lights Dance of the Bais
  The Bais'Temple Fair

    Zhang jiajie is a city of minority ethnic groups.Half of the total population of the city are minorities,over 700,000.There are the Tujias ,the Bais ,the Miaos and the Huis. Besides, there're some Mans ,Tongs,and Yaos.

The Tujias

    There are various explanations about the origin of this tribe .But one thing is certain ,the Tujia has a long history.
    Shange is Tujia's favorite folk literature.It includes love poem,vemting poems and labor poems. The Tujias is a versatile tribe .The traditionl Hand-Waving Dance and Xilankapu(a kind of colorful quilt cover)are the artistic flowers of the Tujias.
    The Tujias is a hard-working and brave tribe, esp .those who live in Zhangjiajie.They and the Wuling Mountain set each other off beautifully.

The Bais

    The Bais are distributed mainly in Dali ,Yunnan Priovince,They share the same origin as the ancient Qiangs.The Bais havecreated splendid ci-vilization:the three pa-godas in Chongsheng Temple built in the Tang Dynasty,the statues in the Tang Dynasty, the statues in the grotos in Shibao Mount in Jianchuan,and the famous "lion Dance".
    The Bais has a grand traditional festival:"Dali March Street"heldfrom March 15to March 30in lunar calendar.And there are also the Rao San Ling ,a folk carnival.and the Torch Festival,and the Torch Festival.
    The Bais in Sangzhi County migrated from a distant Place, but their tradition and convention haven't changed.

The Miaos

    The Miaos are distributed mainly in Guizhou,Hunan ,Yunnan ,Sichuan ,Guangxi,and Hainan .Thry are also among the ancient ethnic groups with a long history .Traditon has it that Chiyou is the ancestor of the Miaos .Since the tribe Jiuli Ied by Chiyou is the tribe Jiuli led by Chiyou was defeated by the tribe led by Emperor Huang ,the Miaos were forced to cross the Yangtze River.
    The Miaoss are good at singing and dangcing.Their Lisheng Dance as well as Bench Dance and Monkey Drum Dance are given high praise by tourists from all sides.

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