Phoenix ancient city — — national historical cultural well-known city, have been easy Ai Li by New Zealander famous writer road praise for the one of Chinese most beautiful little city. ram sprout village here with the virtue of lucky head, obey forever the Buddhist net mountain of fierce hole river and Guizhou appearance neighbor, is bosom melt , lucky head and Guizhou copper benevolent 3 land between will go through road. 209 national highwaies with Xiang Qian save road wear fork from county boundary pass , copper benevolent big mood airport distance county only 27 kilometers, traffic convenient. phoenix scenery beautiful, history long, scenic spots and historical sites a lot. city , ancient gate tower , settle ancient courtyard elegant appearance tomorrow still, ancient simple Tuo river quiet flow quietly shed , suburban have south China mountain national forest park and city take off artistic palace odd beam hole, build in Tang the bridge ancient city of yellowish filament of generation, attract worldwide attention south the Great Wall … … here not only scenery graceful, just land outstanding person spirit, name able come forth in large numbers.

  beautiful little city phoenix mountain city, locate in Tuo river side, crowd mountain surround , (mountain)pass male odd. the river water of dark green take off from ancient city wall curved pass , fold green south China the foot of a mountain fall reflect river heart. river in the several point of fishing vessel, mountain between dusk drum morning clock cry simultaneously, steep cliff on hang foot building light smoke curling upwards, pier side wash yarn aunt laughter Lang Lang, … … ! phoenix sting just like " a pair of thick ink is you shallow Cai Chinese landscape painting ". is Chang Yang ancient city build with stone rock board street , the ancient building of both sides hold physical features each, row upon row, pavilion building cabinet overlapping, flutter as huge dragon, seem Ao fish spread the wings . drizzle sound in, seem biography knock into the ox-hide spiked shoes of fragrant person attack street surface, send out " " sound, make one produce the sense that separates lifetime . Shen Cong Wen former residence locate in south in battalion street, is the south 4 of a typical case join ancient courtyard. ancient courtyard center have little courtyard, spread with red stone square slabstone. courtyard four weeks is the ancient house of brick timber structure, straight house 3, wing-room 4, remain 10 between. house short, though draw phoenix without vulture dragon, but look small and exquisite novel, antique. have especially the wooden window of carving Xiang west characteristic, especially eye-catching.

  Phoenix is of December 28,1902 , Shen Cong Wen is born in here . he childhood is in here pass . former residence last of more than 100 years, is Shen Cong Wen grandfather Shen Hong buy on rich hand . develop because of history, few by is easy God, for show for Shen Cong Wen the respectful feelings of old person, study him study frequently from Li, hard pen plough , for the outstanding contribution of national literature cause self study spirit, encourage future generations. 1988 years county people's government decide buy return this house, renovate again. take pattern go to capital send Shen Cong writing approve . Shen Cong Wen take ill reception, put forward opinion for pattern, say : " house is meshed , repair , is also good , but to put up , repair , do not spend many money, it is poor that hometown is returned , to economize as far as possible ". endure renovate , make this die ancient courtyard reappear look. hang on current door have " Shen Cong Wen former residence " horizontal inscribed board. right a room, is Shen Cong Wen the photograph of life story, 2 rooms is Shen Cong document draft original, left wing-room display various editions from writing works. straight house central scroll hang the sketch portrait of Shen Cong Wen. left room is bedroom, is Shen Cong Wen is born place. right room display the desk etc. thing of marble top of a table.


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