Zhangjiajie Huan Qiu International Travel Service

      Zhangjiajie Huan Qiu International Travel Service(HQITS) is directly under Cai Xin Investment General Company of Ministry of Finance of Hu'nan Province,it is a newly approved international travel agency of deal with international and domestic tourism business after China joining in WTO,and also it is the member of Association of China Travel Service.She was built up in Zhangjiajie City---the location of one of the "Heritages of the earth" famous both at home and abroad with its beautiful scenery .Thanks to nourishment of support from National Finance Ministry,Mational Tourism Bureau and people from all walks of life during the period of her gestation ,she came into being healthily and successfully.However ,the great support and help from people in the tourism industry both at home and abroad are needed to make her strong and vigorous for the development and growth.

    Huan Qiu International Travel Service has owned high-level hotels in both downtown area and scenic spot,Wuling International Grand Hotel, Lanyuan Country Villa,offering about 700 beds in hitg,middle and low grades.It is an ideal place to ensure the accommodation of holiday groups and tourists coming by train as well as meeting groups , equipped with its own stores and provide a highly experienced management team as well as a professional tour guide team to provide a variety of traveling services .The tour guides can speak many languages , English , Japanese , Korean , German and Indonesian as well as dialect such as Minnan ,Cantonese ,Uigur and Mongolian.

Legal Representative:He Tiecheng
Contact person:Li Xiaoquan ,Deng xin ,Qiu Qiangbin

Tel: +86-744-8362888 8230222 8231222
Automatic Fax: +86-744-8286972
Address:Huan Qiu International Travel Service Buiding ,Dongmenqiao,Zhangjiajie,Hu'nan


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