Itinerary A
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Itinerary A, Four-day Tour in Zhang Jiajie

Date Itinerary and Programs

    1st day Hongkong to Zhang Jiajie Expecting Guests in Hongkong , Flying to Zhang Jiajie.(Stay in Zhang Jiajie City)

    2nd day Viewing Zhang Jiajie Forest Park , to the park by bus after breakfast, cilmb Yellow lion Village .(by cablecar),Viewing cliff and flowers along Golden whip Stream (Stay in Shuiraosimen)

    3rd day Ten-li-long Corridor, Tianzi Mountain with thousands of peaks covered with mist.(Stay in Suoxi Valley)

    4th day Yellow Dragon Cava , Baofeng Lake (in Zhang Jiajie area). The cave is the most beautiful one in china , in which there are two rivers, three waterfalls, four pools thirteen halls,ninety-six corridors and numerous peaks, The lake presents the landscape with mixture of perks and water, birds on the lake , flying to Hongkong in the afternoon.

Features of the Itinerary:

    1. Direct Plan to Zhang Jiajie, unnecessary to take ship or bua for long ,

     2. Nine dishes with ong soup , best holes.

     3. Cablecar up and down Yellow lion Village, Tianzi Mountain.

     4. Special flavor with wild tickets.

     5. Possible to expect and send off guests in Zhang Jiajie.

     6. Ariline between Zhang Jiajie and Hongkong rent by our company with favorable pri-
ce and assurance of tickets.

     7. If one day more, possible to drift on Mendong River or Mao Yan River.

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