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Information of Zhangjiajie
    The City of Zhangjiajie lies in the northwest of Hunan governs Yongding District,Wulingyuan District, Cili county and Sangzhi County .lt covers an area of 9516 km with a populattion of 1538 ,000,69%of which are the minority ethnic groups ,such as the Tujias ,the Bais and the Miaos.the city of Zhangjiajie has a subtropic mountainous monsoon climate.

    The scenic area of Zhangjiajie covers 400 square kilometres. There are about 3000 rocky peaks and 800streams .With the peaks ,caves, woods, all over the world with its unique charm of secludedness ,wildness ,mysteriousness ,strangerness and beauty.

Information of Wulingyuan
    Wulingyuan,china's major scenic spot,the world-famous natural legacy,lies in the wuling mountain range in the norheas of Hunan Province,including zhangjiajie,Tianzi Mountain,Suoxi Vaiiey and Yangjiajie with the total area of 400square Kilometres.

    wulingyuan was discovered in 1979.ln the short 20years;it has received almost20, 000,000 tourists from home and abroad.All the touists are amazed at its incredibie wild beauty.The rare landfomr of quartz sand and rocky mountain has earned it countless fames .Likewise the underground karst feature of Wulingyuan is also extraordinary.Moreover,92% of the scenic is covered by woods ,with many rare trees such as dove tree.gingko,Wuling pine,etc.

    Besides these,there are many raye wild animals,inciuing clouded leopard , macaque ,giant salamander ,pangolin ,and tragopan with redbelly ,etc.
the antique and single style of Wulingyuan pius the streams,peaks, the setting sun and the cooking smoke curling upward may bring you back to the worry-free nature.

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